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Aeropuerto de Ibiza, Carretara Sa Caleta S/N, San Jose, ES - 07817, Ibiza (Spain)
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Hertz Ibiza Airport

Hiring a car at Ibiza airport proves to be an easy process and it is a necessity for those who wish to enjoy every bit of their stay at Ibiza. Hertz car hire is a well known and reliable company that offers a wide range of vehicles at Ibiza airport. The car rental counters of Hertz can be found at the arrivals area, located at the ground floor of the terminal building. Although the airport operates as an important gateway but it is not as large as the other Spanish airports, the entire airport consists of a single terminal building. The departures here take place at the first floor while the arriving passengers reach at the ground floor.

One of the main reasons of the popularity of Hertz is the fact they offer vehicles for hiring on their makes and models and not by category. You will also find environment friendly vehicles at the green collection by Hertz. These vehicles are not only light on fuel but are more specifically reserved too. These vehicles include cars like Skoda Octavia, Renault Clio, Seat Leon Eco Style, VW Jetta etc. The set of vehicles that can be hired according to the other two categories include Renault Megane Cabrio, Ford S-Max Titanium, Volve XC60, Mercedes SLK 200, Merceds ML 300 CDI and Mini Cooper.

Hertz car hire also offer several other facilities with their vehicles like luggage racks, child seats and Gold Counter service. Children under the age of twelve are not permitted to sit in front of the car, according to the law in Spain. Make sure to book your additional equipments in advance as they might not be available during the peaks seasons when the cars remain on a high demand from May to October. Hence, with Hertz you will get the satisfaction of hiring a perfect car at the most convenient price.