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Aeropuerto de Ibiza, Carretara Sa Caleta S/N, San Jose, ES - 07817, Ibiza (Spain)
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Europcar Ibiza Airport

Ibiza airport is considered to be an important gateway for both local as well as international tourists who wish to visit the island of Ibiza, on the Mediterranean. Car hire companies like Europcar are in high demand during the peak seasons as many visitors like to get the freedom of taking their own time for exploring the island. Europcar car hire offers competitive rates in terms of car rental. Their fleet is also renewed periodically to offer the best service to the customers. The company has a large number of offices throughout Europe and Spain, and is a part of Volkswagen group.

You will find the rental counter of Europcar at the ground floor of the terminal building at Ibiza airport. Ground floor is the area where arrivals of the passengers take place. Customers can also get all the information regarding the terms and conditions of the company online through their website. They can also become aware of the available vehicles for rent and get quotes of various categories of cars. In Ibiza and all over Spain, passengers within the vehicle are required to wear seat belts and small children will also require their own separate seat. Hence, you can get a child seat from the company but it will be provided if booked in advanced.

People who are not familiar with the road network need to get a GPA unit. Although it will cost you an extra amount but can make a considerable difference in your driving experience through it. You can find latest models from Europcar car hire including Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Renault, BMW, Nissan, Peugeot and a long etcetera. The company boasts of providing around 80 different models of cars from 19 manufacturers in the world. Hence, customers with specific driving needs can get all the facilities from Europcar.