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Ibiza Airport Buses

Ibiza airport is mainly seasonal as it sees around 85% of its traffic during the warmer period of the year. Arriving passengers find a number of transportation facilities at the airport and shuttle bus services are one of them. Budget travelers have no other option apart from these buses as Ibiza does not contain any railway network. But you need not to worry as the bus service is sufficient enough to take you to the far off places of Ibiza as well. These buses also provide a reliable and frequent transport and are very cost efficient as well.

Getting to Ibiza airport by bus is extremely convenient because you can catch Line 10 buses which takes approximately 30 minutes to reach at the airport from the Ibiza town, but the reaching time depends on the number of stops and traffic condition as well. You will find the bus services in Ibiza quite extensive as they cover around 99% of the cities and towns. It is even possible to travel to certain small villages and towns by bus. These buses are orange in color and usually are of single-decker variety. You can purchase their tickets either from the airport or even from the driver while boarding at the bus. It is also recommended to provide the exact change to the bus driver for your own convenience.

Once you enter in the bus, then your ticket will be punched as a verification that you have paid for your ticket. However certain travel cards are also available for these buses which prove to be a convenient option for getting to Ibiza airport by bus. Passengers can travel to destinations like Santa Eulalia, Santa Agnes, Cala Llonga, Sant Rafael, San Antonio or Salinas from the airport through bus services. For further information you can also browse the internet for getting the recent timetable and bus fares.